LIVE NOW: TRAIL CODE – Living the UTV Life

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It wasn’t long ago that the very first side-by-sides were releasing to market, what those manufacturers didn’t know was the lifestyle that they were about to create. Now with a new generation of machines and riders alike, there’s an entire lifestyle that surrounds this rapidly growing empire of powersports.

We take a group of UTV lifestylists to Sand Hollow in Hurricane, UT to take seat in the very premise that has engulfed their lives, day in day out. From manufacturers, recreationalists, racers, and supporters… they all fire up their need for exhilaration in a powersports format. They tell their story of how they ended up sitting down and strapped up for the next chapter of their life.

These family-friendly adventure seeking vehicles have engulfed a new era of life off road, a new trail code that so many live for.

Trail Code 16 9 Key Art V3

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